For the last 18 years we have been working with a multitude of different projection technologies.


Fossil Optical originates from Bristol and is well known on the live music and festival circuit. Owing to its success in recent years fossil optical have progressed into outdoor art based events as well as concerts and site-specific installations.


Fossil Optical works with Pete Smith, a specialist in 16mm cine and slide projection, and we have recently collaborated with Pink Floyd projectionist and master inventor of lighting technology Peter Wynne Willson.


We are developing effects for the brightest projectors in the world.

Here are some of the areas of research and development we are currently involved with: 

Crystal growing 

Polarizing  (motorized / sound to light)

Photographic multi faceted prisms

Ice melting and freezing

Time-lapse 16m cinematography 

Handmade Kaleidoscopes

Computerised control for analogue slides 

16m-xenon cine projection

Large format industrial slide projection 

Large format projection (modified for effects) 

Oil / water / dye projectors 

Compressed air 

Concave glasses 

Fish eye lenses

Moiré patterns (interference between moving patterns) 

Screen surfaces

DMX controlled multi effects units (solar systems) 

16m continuous loop magazines  

Outdoor lighting truss for designing structures 

High powered overhead projection